Standard 68mm EN


  • Frame thickness – 68mm
  • Leaf thickness – 68mm
  • Standard glazing – 4/16/4 Uw=1,1 W/m² K
  • Windows thermal permeability – Uw=1,3 W/m² K
  • Acoustic properties – 34 (-1;-5) dB
  • Aluminum frame drip
  • Aluminum leaf drip

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Technical sections:

Top section of the window

Bottom section of the window

Side section of the window


We use first class wood for the production of windows and doors. It is primarily ecological and natural material, and it is also characterized by extremely good strength parameters. It provides heat and sound insulation and is resistant to harmful external factors such as extreme temperatures, weather changes or humidity. You should also remember about the aesthetic values of wooden windows and doors. We offer the most popular species for the production of windows: pine (finger joint and solid), larch, meranti and oak.


Insulated glass thanks to its construction can be configured into various packages fulfilling many functions. The panes are directly responsible for some very important properties of windows and balcony doors. It is the use of appropriate glazing that primarily affects such specific properties of windows as:

Thermal insulation of windows – windows protect us against overheating of rooms, protect against cold and help warm up the room ensuring thermal comfort and help protect the environment,

Acoustic insulation of the window – thanks to the use of different widths of glass and special acoustic foils, the glass protects us against excessive noise coming from outside, providing us with a quiet place to relax,

Safety of use – windows with toughened glass guarantee that we will not be hurt by sharp panes of glass when broken. Tempered glass breaks into small and blunt pieces that do not pose a threat,

Burglary resistance – additionally, in addition to glass toughening, to increase security, anti-burglar films are placed between two or more glass panes, providing us with protection against burglary,

Self-cleaning glass – special coatings applied on the outside of the glass mean that the glass does not get dirty, but also due to the action of sunlight rays there is a process of decomposition and removal of dirt.

Decoration – ornamental glass will provide us with high aesthetics and the possibility of interesting arrangements both outside and in interior architecture


The muntin bars are decorative (sometimes also fulfilling a structural function) wooden slats dividing window sashes into the appropriate number of fields specified by the customer. In many cases, the use of mullions is indispensable – they give buildings a unique character, allow you to keep divisions in the windows of older buildings. 

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A  handle is much more than just a handle: it is a distinguishing feature of your window, a unique, individual element of style that improves its aesthetics and gives it an individual character. The classic line of Roto Line and Roto Swing handles are advanced technical solutions, certified by the RAL sign, and reliable for many years. An elegant pattern with a gentle line in combination with aluminum elements ensures comfortable operation. Handles are available in a standard version, with a button and on a key. 

Powyższe klamki dostępne są w następujących kolorach:


We use several types of diffusers. AERECO surface mounted, invisible REGEL and RENSON diffusers mounted on the glass. Each of them performs the same function: it aims to ensure adequate air exchange in the rooms.


We use three basic color palettes:

  • VIDAWO azure palette – contains seven wood colors with visible grain structure
  • Palette of opaque RAL colors – international palette of opaque colors
  • NCS solid color palette – international solid color palette

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