Terrace doors

Terrace doors

Lift & Slide – HS

Lift-and-slide fittings are probably the most advanced technology for moving wings with a very large surface and weight with minimal effort. Lift-and-slide doors allow you to make multi-meter glazing.

Folding door – FOLD

In this type of door we use sliding and folding fittings. They allow the element to be opened across its entire width. Daily use is also facilitated by a transitional, tilt or tilt and turn sash, which works independently of folding wings.

Tilt & Slide – PSK

We use PSK fittings in these doors. Thanks to their automatic operation, they ensure both ease of use as well as safety and reliable operation of even large and heavy balcony door sashes. The wings move easily and accurately to any desired position.

Tilt & Turn

Standard balcony doors can be equipped with many additional functions increasing the comfort of use:

  • low aluminum threshold
  • two-sided door handles with an insert,
  • balcony latch, which allows the door to be slammed slightly from the outside,
  • friction brake, allowing you to lock the open sash at any time